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Why FRP Tanks Are More Durable Than Other Choices

FRP Tanks Durable

When you’re working with highly caustic materials, flammable chemicals, raw oil and gas or potable water in massive quantities, you need to trust the storage units you’re utilizing can safely hold and store your product or materials without fear of corrosion, leakage or otherwise. Traditional storage units made from concrete or aluminum aren’t as reliable anymore and most companies are opting for newer tank constructions, such as polyethylene or fiberglass reinforced plastics. Not only are these newer designs more reliable, but they’re easier to transport and install. FRP tanks have quickly risen in popularity and swiftly became the standard for many industries and a big reason behind this is their durability over most other tank options. Here’s why FRP tanks are more durable than other choices.

Built to Last

FRP tanks are constructed with quality and longevity in mind. To help the lifespan of the product, durability is a big factor. Being flexible enough to handle extreme temperature shifts and resistance to harsh, corrosive chemicals is what makes FRP tanks a reliable leader in industries that deal with these environments. Where concrete can crack with extreme temperature fluctuations or where aluminum can become brittle in cold environments, FRP faces these circumstances without issue. Trusting that the unit will hold up against almost anything you throw at it is a must when it comes to storing caustic substances or storage in extraordinary heat or cold outdoor conditions and this is what FRP manufacturers pride themselves on providing to their clients. These durable qualities give fiberglass reinforced plastic tanks an upper hand in the life of the unit, allowing them to live longer without requiring as much repair and maintenance. And who doesn’t want a unit that lasts for years? Depending on what kind of conditions your storage unit may face, keep in mind that FRP tanks are extremely customizable, down to the types of resins used in constructing the tank. You can trust that an FRP tank will be non-corrosive, non-conductive and fire-resistant, making it a reliable and easy solution for jobs that need a long-lasting tank.

Transports Easily

Another part of the draw to FRP is how much easier these units are to transport and install. Where you’d have to contend with a considerable amount of weight with something like an aluminum tank, an FRP tank is a fraction of that weight and can be shipped on a flatbed truck right to your site. There’s much less worry of damage during transport because of the resilience and flexibility of fiberglass reinforced plastics. You won’t need an entire crew to install or heavy machinery for that matter because most units can be installed with your own crew and deliverers. The tank’s durability allows them to be transported quickly and easily before being easily installed on your job site.

FRP tanks are known for their incredible durability and it’s easy to see why they’ve remained such an integral part of many industries that require a solid, strong and resilient storage option. Trust the flexibility and strength of an FRP tank – contact us today to find out how we can help you with your storage needs!

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