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Large Fiberglass Tanks for Industrial Use

Two standing green large fiberglass tanks

Fiberglass storage tanks are increasingly being used in various industries, such as water and wastewater management, chemical processing, oil and gas, agriculture, food processing, and aquaculture. FRP tanks offer robust storage solutions for storing a wide range of substances across a variety of industries and are renowned for their exceptional corrosion resistance, durability, and versatility which sets them apart from other tank materials. Read ahead to learn about the myriad of benefits and applications of using large fiberglass tanks in industrial environments and how they can optimize storage efficiency across various sectors. 

Revolutionize Storage Solutions With Large Fiberglass Tanks

Large fiberglass storage tanks can store vast quantities of liquids and substances and offer a versatile storage solution across many industries, from industrial chemicals to agricultural fertilizers and potable water. Discussed below are some applications and benefits of using large fiberglass tanks across various industrial settings.

Fiberglass Tanks Are Watertight

Fiberglass tanks are constructed as a sealed and complete unit with zero joints that do not require sealing at the installation site. This produces a watertight unit that protects the liquids and gases stored inside the tank from external interference. There is no chance of the tanks’ contents interacting with the chemicals stored within the unit, and this reduces the likelihood of contaminating the ecosystems around the tank.

Fiberglass Tanks Can Store Corrosive Materials Safely

Industrial storage often involves storing corrosive substances such as acids, chemicals, or salts and corrosion of storage tanks can result in contamination of these substances, which can compromise their integrity, quality, and safety. Large fiberglass tanks are corrosion-resistant even in the harshest of chemical environments, which means they are suitable for housing a wide range of liquids, including corrosive materials utilized in industries such as chemical processing, water treatment, and oil and gas. 

Fiberglass Tanks Are Long-Lasting

Fiberglass tanks have a lifespan of several decades which makes them a durable and long-lasting storage option. Large fiberglass tanks can withstand extreme weather conditions, temperature fluctuations, and physical impacts which makes them ideal for outdoor storage solutions for industries such as agriculture, wastewater management, and marine. In addition, FRP tanks can withstand high levels of external and internal pressure without deforming or failing and this durability feature makes them a robust option for long-term storage in industrial settings.

Fiberglass Tanks Can Be Customized For Any Industry

Every client needs something different and FRP tanks can be customized to accommodate the needs of almost any industrial or chemical storage operations you can think of. Fiberglass tanks can be easily customized to accommodate any size, shape, and configuration to fulfill specific storage requirements, and this flexibility makes fiberglass tanks suitable for a wide range of applications. This includes small-scale storage on industrial sites to large fiberglass storage tanks for municipal water storage or chemical processing plants. 

Fiberglass Tanks Have Superb Insulation Properties

Large fiberglass tanks have inherent insulation properties and this helps to maintain stable temperatures inside the tank. This feature is beneficial for industrial processes that necessitate precise temperature control or for holding temperature-sensitive materials. Fiberglass tanks are capable of maintaining extremely low temperatures without losing excessive energy which makes them suitable for also storing liquified gases such as liquid nitrogen, oxygen, or LNG (liquified natural gas). Fiberglass tanks’ versatility allows it to be utilized across a wide array of temperature requirements from hot to very cold, which makes them an adaptable and energy-efficient storage choice for many industrial applications.

Large fiberglass tanks are a reliable and long-lasting solution for storage requirements on an industrial scale and are a primary choice for many big chemical operations. Contact our team at FRP Mocoat today to revolutionize your industrial storage requirements with customized fiberglass storage tank solutions.

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