FRP Mocoat Fiberglass Ltd.
  • Modular Design: Variety of standard and custom sizes available, easy to expand as your needs grow, easy to transport or relocate.
  • Pre-Engineered: Our buildings are pre-engineered to meet requirements for wind and snow loads in North America. The system also meets requirements for flame and smoke set out by the Universal Building Code and Canadian Building Code for approved plastics for construction material.
  • Virtually Maintenance Free: Fibreglass building shell is weather, mould and mildew resistant, non-corrosive, chemically resistant and UV protected. Cleaning is easy as the building is spray washable inside and out. If repair is necessary, the process is simple and requires no expertise.
  • Stability & Durability: The dimensional stability of the FRP/Mocoat system is low co-efficient of thermal expansion and conductivity. FRP/Mocoat guarantees long term durability.
  • Portable: Our building system is manufactured with a high strength to low weight ratio, making it light weight, easily portable, yet the building maintains high impact strength. The light weight components stack into one another for shipping, taking up little space. Smaller buildings can be transported assembled. Another feature that makes our buildings easily portable is that they can be shipped unassembled. The parts are trial fitted, disassembled and nested together to fit into a van or shipped via helicopter for cost effective transportation, a feature many of our customers in remote locations such as Alaska take advantage of. Once the building has arrived on site assembly is made easy with the use of an installation guide and some hardware both provided by FRP/Mocoat and standard hand tools (not supplied).
  • Options: Designed and manufactured for your building application. Options such as doors (man/roll-up in variety of sizes), windows, skylights, insulation, vents, exhaust, HVAC or electrical are all available upon request.
  • Site Preparation & Assembly Time: Minimal site preparation is required; the building system strengthens itself as it rests on a level surface. Minimal molded parts are predrilled, simply fasten together, as it requires fewer man hours to complete.

    MM 12x16x9 building with Mechanical and Electrical
MM Building System Page 1
MM Building System Page 2
MM 10x24x9 Being assembled in the shop
20x20x13 Buildings with Custom Penetrations
16x15x12 building with temporary bracing to fit on a pony wall on site