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The Importance of Proper Maintenance for Fiberglass Tanks

Proper Maintenance for Fiberglass Tanks

If you install your fiberglass tank and walk away from it and trust it to do its job, this will greatly reduce the longevity of the unit. Maintenance and inspections are crucial for fiberglass reinforced plastic tanks to operate efficiently and to last for years. Here’s what you need to know about the importance of proper maintenance for fiberglass tanks.

Why is Maintenance Necessary for Fiberglass?

As with any piece of equipment, extending the lifespan and ensuring the efficient operation of a fiberglass tank requires maintenance and inspections. These tanks are reliable and durable and proper upkeep will have them operating for years. Organic and inorganic carbon matter can build up in water tanks and the lining of tanks dealing with heavy-duty chemicals may need to be replaced over time. Fiberglass tanks are strong, but they still need care!

The Benefit of Fiberglass Maintenance

There are plenty of benefits to maintaining your fiberglass tank, but these are the ones we think are essential:

  • Reduces accidents caused by leakage or damage.
  • Saves money by elongating the time between tank replacements. 
  • Adheres to safety standards and regulations.
  • Extends the lifespan of the unit.

Schedule Regular Inspections

Guarantee a successful storage tank by scheduling regular maintenance inspections! Twice a year with a licensed professional is suggested for units dealing in caustic or chemical materials and other materials stored may only require every few years for proper inspections. Along with these detailed inspections, it’s advised to keep a close eye on your tank too! Looking for developing leaks, holes, impurities or otherwise will save you time if you catch it in the beginning stages and you are the most familiar with your storage units!

Fiberglass Maintenance is Good for Business

Maintaining your working equipment allows a more efficient business and a safer working environment for employees and yourself. We recommend doing inspections yourself, but bringing in licensed professionals to do regular inspections will allow your tank to perform at its best! We can help with that! For more information on our standard products, you can visit our website or get in touch with us for a quote!

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