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Top Five Benefits of Fiberglass Storage Tanks for Industrial and Chemical Storage

Fiberglass Storage Tanks for Industrial and Chemical Storage

For commercial and industrial level storage, particularly with chemical storage on large scales, you need to be able to trust the equipment you employ to safely and reliably store the product. Fiberglass-reinforced plastic tanks for chemical storage, first developed in the 1930s, became more widely used in the 1950s because of the corrosive resistant nature of FRP and has continued to grow in popularity for storage needs over the decades. Now, FRP is one of the leading industry standards for chemical storage! Here are the top five benefits of fiberglass storage tanks for both industrial and chemical storage!

  1. Installation Ease. Fiberglass-reinforced plastic tanks are delivered as one complete piece to the site with only exterior connections, such as pipework or electrical, as required per the customization requests. This helps mitigate potential safety hazards by decreasing the need for hazardous work onsite, leaving connection work and promoting a safer working environment. FRP tanks are also lightweight, making them even easier to install!
  2. Watertight. The construction of a fiberglass-reinforced tank results in a sealed, complete unit with zero joints that won’t need to be sealed at the installation site. This produces a watertight unit that protects the contents stored in the tank from outside interference. Fluids, gasses and other contaminants have no chance of interacting with the chemicals stored in the unit. The other benefit to this is leaks of the chemical stored are minimal and the chance of contaminating the ecosystems around the tank is lowered.
  3. Low Maintenance. While it’s important to schedule regular inspections, maintenance is significantly reduced thanks to the smooth glass and resin interior of a fiberglass-reinforced plastic tank. This smooth surface makes it difficult for debris and other particles to cling to the walls, reducing build-up and the need to wash out the tank as frequently, therefore cutting back on maintenance costs.
  4. Customization. Every client requires something a little different and FRP tanks are a customizable product that can be designed to suit the needs of most any industrial or chemical storage operations. This allows for specific layouts and tank design that maximizes efficiency, and adheres to safety, maintenance and operational requirements.
  5. Resistance to Abrasion. What makes fiberglass-reinforced plastic or FRP tanks so reliable is they’re built to have a high surface abrasion resistance. A pure resin material is applied to the inside of the tank which gives a smooth, strong interior and diminishes friction.

FRP tanks are a reliable and durable solution for storage on an industrial scale and are a first choice for many big chemical operations. Not only do they require less maintenance than most other materials used to construct storage tanks, but they can outlast most competitors by years, even decades. For more information on how FRP tanks can help your industry, visit our website or give us a call at (306) 329-4884!

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