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The Role of Fiberglass Tanks in the Oil Gas Industry

Fiberglass Tanks in the Oil & Gas Industry

Fiberglass reinforced plastic was first introduced to the scene in the 1960s as an underground storage option for the oil and gas industry. It has since been a trusted storage application for its robust, durable and noncorrosive capacity for many industries including agriculture, wastewater, sewage, chemical and more. Fiberglass reinforced plastic tanks are still a tried and true method for hazardous material storage. Here’s why fiberglass reinforced plastic tanks play such a major role in the oil and gas industry!

The oil and gas industry is a big player in the energy market as well as in the global economy, offering opportunities for career advancement while working in an industry that’s an immense contributor to the world’s GDP. It does also come with challenges and specific safety precautions, as it has the potential to be a dangerous job, but this translates to higher than average wages, precise safety training and the potential to work across the globe. In an industry that thrives on innovation and forward momentum, the oil and gas sector requires trustworthy, reliable equipment that will store the product safely and effectively. This is what fiberglass reinforced plastic tanks were designed for!

When you’re dealing with highly flammable, hazardous materials, your storage applications need to continue to do their job, even in unforgiving environments. This is why FRP, or fiberglass reinforced plastic tanks, still plays such an integral role in the oil and gas market today. Built for corrosion, fire, thermal and electrical resistance, FRP tanks are able to operate in the hot sun thanks to the UV resistance, with the option of an additional UV coating that further increases resistance to the damage of intense UV rays, all while safely protecting the housed material. These tanks are low maintenance, in part because of their corrosion resistance which greatly reduces the need to scrape, sandblast or paint and they can be easily washed with high-pressure water. This corrosion resistance makes them ideal for environments with exposure to high volumes of saltwater, acids, alkalines, drilling fluid and other chemical composites. FRP tanks and products are used across the oil and gas sector, including refineries, offshore and land-based drilling rigs, gas processing plants and more.

Fiberglass reinforced plastic tanks may have been originally designed for the oil and gas industry, but this material is so versatile, it’s made a name for itself across many industries and job sites. Whether you’re looking for personal or company use, we’ve got a storage solution for you! Get in touch with us today or give us a call at (306) 329 – 4884 and we can start planning for an easily installed, long-lasting storage option to suit your needs!

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