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Potable water tanks are containers specifically designed to store drinking water. They are typically made from materials such as plastic, fiberglass, concrete, or steel, chosen for their durability and ability to maintain water quality.

In residential settings, potable water tanks are commonly used in areas where municipal water supply is unavailable or unreliable, such as rural areas or off-grid homes. In commercial and industrial settings, they may be used for providing drinking water to employees.

Proper maintenance and sanitation of fiberglass potable water storage tanks are essential to ensure the water remains safe for consumption. Regular cleaning, disinfection, and monitoring of water quality help prevent contamination and ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.

Potable water tanks come in various sizes and designs to suit different needs. They may be installed above ground, underground, or even as part of mobile water distribution systems. Additionally, some tanks are equipped with features such as filtration systems or UV sterilization to further enhance water quality.

Potable water tanks play a critical role in ensuring access to safe drinking water in a wide range of environments, contributing to public health and well-being.

Fiberglass Potable Water Storage Tanks

Fiberglass offers several advantages for potable water storage applications:

  • Durability. Fiberglass is a strong and resilient material that can withstand harsh environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures and weather elements. This durability ensures the long-term integrity of the water storage tank, reducing the risk of leaks or structural failures.
  • Corrosion resistance. Unlike metal tanks, fiberglass tanks are highly resistant to corrosion caused by chemicals or naturally occurring substances in water. This corrosion resistance helps maintain water quality and extends the lifespan of the storage tank.
  • Lightweight. Fiberglass potable water tanks are significantly lighter than tanks made from materials like steel or concrete, making them easier to transport, handle, and install. This can be particularly advantageous in remote or hard-to-reach locations.
  • Versatility. Fiberglass tanks can be manufactured in various shapes and sizes to fit specific space requirements or project needs. They can also be customized with additional features such as access hatches or fittings.
  • Low maintenance. Fiberglass tanks require minimal maintenance compared to other materials. Routine inspection and cleaning are generally sufficient to ensure proper functionality.
  • Regulatory compliance. Fiberglass potable water storage tanks are often designed and manufactured to meet strict regulatory standards and certifications for drinking water safety.

Fiberglass potable water storage tanks offer a reliable and cost-effective solution for safely storing drinking water in various settings, including residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal applications.

Where to Buy Potable Water Tanks in Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba?

FRP Manufacturing (2010) Inc. manufactures fiberglass potable water and septic tanks of the highest quality. Our septic tanks have been designed by composite engineers with decades of experience, and each tank is tested for water-tightness prior to shipping from our plant. With a wide range of models, and the ability to customize our tanks to meet any requirements, we pride ourselves on being able to provide the storage tanks you need for any residential or commercial project.

What products do we sell:

1. Potable water tanks in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, etc.

Potable water storage can be challenging in rural locations. Anyone who is on a low-pressure rural line or who has poor-quality drinking water needs a storage tank to ensure that they have an adequate supply of water. FRP’s fiberglass potable water cisterns are a great solution to this challenge.

Fiberglass has a completely non-porous interior surface that can be sanitized as necessary, and all of our below-ground water tanks have a bonded, unibody construction to prevent groundwater from contaminating your drinking water.

Our water tanks are NSF/ANSI 61 Certified and the resin we use is BPA Free. Available in both above and below-ground models; our above-ground options range from 150 to 14000 Imperial Gallons, and our below-ground models range from 750 to 34000 Imperial Gallons.

2. Wastewater tanks in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, etc.

Please find all the necessary information about wastewater tanks on this page or visit the Standard Products page for specs on all of our standard water and wastewater tanks.

Where to Order Potable Water Tanks in Canada?

Ordering fiberglass potable water storage tanks and other products from FRP Mocoat Fiberglass Ltd. offers several benefits:

  • Quality assurance. FRP Mocoat Fiberglass Ltd. is known for its commitment to quality. By ordering from us, customers can trust that they are receiving a high-quality product that meets industry standards and regulatory requirements for potable water storage.
  • Customization options. FRP Mocoat Fiberglass Ltd. offers customization options to tailor the water storage tanks to the specific needs of the customer. Whether it’s size, shape, fittings, or additional features, customers can get tanks that suit their requirements perfectly.
  • Durability. Fiberglass is inherently durable, and FRP Mocoat Fiberglass Ltd. ensures that tanks are built to last. These tanks are resistant to cracking, denting, rust, and corrosion, ensuring long-term reliability and minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Expertise and experience. With years of experience in the industry, FRP Mocoat Fiberglass Ltd. has the expertise to deliver reliable and efficient solutions for potable water storage. Customers can benefit from knowledge and guidance throughout the ordering and installation process.
  • Quick and efficient installation. FRP Mocoat Fiberglass Ltd. provides easy-to-install fiberglass water tanks, saving customers time and hassle during the setup process. Our potable water tanks in Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba are designed for seamless integration into various environments.

You can order fiberglass potable water storage tanks in Canada (Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, and other cities) at an affordable price by dialing: (306) 329-4884.

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