FRP Manufacturing (2010) Inc. manufactures fiberglass potable water and septic tanks of the highest quality. Our septic tanks have been designed by composite engineers with decades of experience, and each tank is tested for water-tightness prior to shipping from our plant. With a wide range of models, and the ability to customize our tanks to meet any requirements, we pride ourselves on being able to provide the storage tanks you need for any residential or commercial project.

Potable Water Tanks
Potable water storage can be challenging in rural locations. Anyone who is on a low pressure rural line or that has poor quality drinking water needs a storage tank to ensure that they have an adequate supply of water. FRP’s fiberglass potable water cisterns are a great solution to this challenge.  Fiberglass has a complete non-porous interior surface that can be sanitized as necessary, and all of our below ground water tanks have a bonded, unibody construction to prevent groundwater from contaminating your drinking water.
Our water tanks are NSF/ANSI 61 Certified and the resin we use is BPA Free.  Available in both above and below ground models; our above-ground options range from 150 to 14000 Imperial Gallons, and our below-ground models range from 750 to 34000 Imperial Gallons.

Wastewater Tanks
FRP manufactures below-ground two and three compartment septic tanks, as well as single-compartment holding tanks ranging in size from 750 Imperial Gallons to 34000 Imperial Gallons. We offer above-ground options ranging in size from 150 Imperial Gallons to 12500 Imperial Gallons.
Our septic tanks are CSA B66 Certified for wastewater. All of our below-ground septic tanks have a bonded, unibody design to ensure wastewater storage that is safe for our environment and community.
For specs on all of our standard water and wastewater tanks, please visit the Standard Products page of our website, or for product specific drawings, visit the Tank Drawings Library.