FRP Mocoat Fiberglass Ltd.
  • Integral ribs are added for strength.
  • Can be designed to H2O load conditions.
  • Easy to handle and install.
  • Cost effective storage alternative.
  • Filament wound tank for extra strength.
  • A fiberglass tank offers the best long-term protection against leakage due to both internal and external corrosion.
  • Water tanks are approved by NSF Standard 61 (potable water tanks).
  • Wastewater tanks are approved by CSA Standard B66.
  • Available in sizes from 5,000 imperial gallons to 34,000 imperial gallons (6,000 to 40,800 US Gallons).


Water & Wastewater

ModelCapacity (Imp. Gal.)Capacity (US Gal.)LengthWeight (lbs.)
BX50005000600011′ 10″2050
BX60006000720013′ 11″2300
BX70007000840016′ 1″2550
BX80008000960018′ 1″2800
BX900090001080020′ 1″3000
BX10000100001200022′ 1″3250
BX11000110001320024′ 3″3500
BX12000120001440026′ 5″3750
BX13000130001560028′ 9″4000
BX14000140001680031′ 1″4250
BX15000150001800033′ 3″4500
BX16000160001920035′ 5″4750
BX17500175002100037′ 8″5100
BX20000200002400042′ 2″5650
BX22000220002640046′ 9″6200
BX26000260003120055′ 9″7200
BX30000300003600063′ 5″8300
BX34000340004080071′ 5″9300

Please indicate the model you require when ordering by including a (W) for water and a (S) for wastewater after the model number.

Additional accessories available (including divider walls, pump stand, manways, ladders, etc.). Comes with 30″ flanged collar (and lid).

For flanged manways and lids, please see extension page. For additional fittings or accessories please contact FRP/Mocoat Fiberglass Ltd.