FRP Mocoat Fiberglass Ltd.
  • Integral ribs are added for strength.
  • Can be designed to H2O load conditions.
  • Easy to handle and install.
  • Cost effective storage alternative.
  • A fiberglass tank offers the best long-term protection against leakage due to both internal and external corrosion.
  • Water tanks are approved by NSF Standard 61 (potable water tanks).
  • Wastewater tanks are approved by CSA Standard B66.
  • Available in sizes from 2,000 imperial gallons to 15,000 imperial gallons (2,400 to 18,000 US Gallons).


Water & Wastewater

ModelCapacity (Imp. Gal.)Capacity (US Gal.)DimensionsWeight (lbs.)
B2000S200024009′ 2″L900
B2500S2500300010′ 8″L1100
B3000S3000360012′ 4″L1300
B3500S3500420013′ 10″L1500
B4000S3889466715′ 6″L1800
B5000S5000600018′ 9″L2050
B6000S6000720021′ 11″L2375
B7000S7000840025′ 2″L2750
B8000S8060967228′ 5″L3100
B8500S85001020030′ 1″L3300
B9000S90761089131′ 8″L3450
B10000S100001200034′ 10″L3750
B11000S110841330038′ 1″L4250
B12000S120001440041′ 5″L4500
B13000S131201574444′ 7″L5500
B14000S140331684047′ 6″L6250
B15000S150001800050′ 11″L6500
B2000W200024009′ 2″L900
B2500W2500300010′ 8″L1100
B3000W3000360012′ 4″L1300
B3500W3500420013′ 10″L1500
B4000W4016481915′ 6″L1800
B5000W5000600018′ 9″L2050
B6000W6000720021′ 11″L2375
B7000W7000840025′ 2″L2750
B8000W8060967228′ 5″L3100
B8500W85001020030′ 1″L3300
B9000W90761089131′ 8″L3450
B10000W100001200034′ 10″L3750
B11000W110841330038′ 1″L4250
B12000W120001440041′ 5″L4500
B13000W131201574444′ 7″L5500
B14000W140331684047′ 6″L3250
B15000W150001800050′ 11″L6500

Additional accessories available (including divider walls, pump stand, manways, ladders, etc.). Comes with 30″ flanged collar (and lid).

For flanged manways and lids, please see extension page. For additional fittings or accessories please contact FRP/Mocoat Fiberglass Ltd.