All standard FRP Manufacturing above ground tanks are filament wound for extra strength and are designed to meet ASTM D 3299 for hydro-static loads with a specific gravity of up to 1.2. These above ground storage tanks can also be built to meet various other design specifications including NSF 61 and API 12P.

Typical applications include storage for water (potable and non-potable), wastewater, agricultural, chemical (storage and processing) and oilfield storage applications.

  • Lightweight-easy to install – an above ground fiberglass tank weighs a fraction of what a steel tank of equal capacity weighs, yet, is stronger than a steel tank of comparative weight, thus having a higher strength to weight ratio.
  • Corrosion resistant – FRP Manufacturing above ground liquid storage tanks will not corrode over time like tanks made from other materials used to store corrosive liquids. This eliminates the possibility of a leak and provides the customer peace of mind and savings over the long term, knowing you are protecting the environment from potential contamination
  • Durability- FRP Manufacturing tanks have an exceedingly long life span. Coupled with low maintenance requirements, the longevity of an FRP Manufacturing tank is a benefit in critical applications. Time accelerated tests have shown that FRP composites can last 80 years or more.


Water &Wastewater

10′ Diameter Tank Height Capacity (Imp.Gal.) Approx Weight (lbs)
AGX2000 4’3″ 2000 1250
AGX3000 6’5″ 3000 1500
AGX4000 8’4″ 4000 1750
AGX5000 10’4″ 5000 1750
AGX6000 12’4″ 6000 1900
AGX7000 14’6″ 7000 2050
AGX8000 16’6″ 8000 2350
AGX9000 18’6″ 9000 2500
AGX10000 20’7″ 10000 3800
AGX11000 22’8″ 11000 4250
AGX12000 24’9″ 12000 4750
AGX13000 26’9″ 13000 5600
AGX14000 28’9″ 14000 6500

These charts provide details for commonly ordered tanks.

Should you require other tank sizes to meet your needs, please contact FRP Manufacturing (2010) Inc…

Weights are approximate. *Height is sidewall height only and does not include domed top.

For 10’ diameter add 2’3”.